From Russia to Mira Mesa: The Bold Life of Raya Abadir

Book Feature: Out of Russia and Back: A Life of Surprises
Author: Raya Abadir

“In the 1920s, the Russian Revolution was in full swing and the Bolsheviks were taking control. Raya was born into this turmoil as the Russia her parents knew and loved became the Soviet Union. This book chronicles eighty years of Raya’s life journey that takes her around the world. It gives the reader an insider’s view of the history of Russia as well as Iran. Follow Raya as the surprising events in her life lead her to Egypt, the United States from coast to coast, back to the country of her birth after the Fall of Communism, and later to China and Cambodia. Her faith in God empowered her with resilience and optimism. She recounts both the good and bad with great wit.”

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