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I Love A Clean San Diego – Mira Mesa Edition!


Article By: Al Radick

On Saturday February 9th, a small army of folks turned out to Hourglass Field Community Park for I Love A Clean San Diego day.  A full attack was launched on the park and the adjacent areas. The mission was a complete success… a total of almost 500 lbs. of trash and recyclable stuff was picked up and disposed of appropriately. The following is an excerpt from an email sent to Denise Lamb at SDP&R by Carly Keen.

“Thank you so much for your help in facilitating this past Saturday’s cleanup! We had 236 volunteers remove an impressive amount of litter and debris from the park and surrounding neighborhood: 259 pounds of trash, and 222 pounds of recycling. They also stenciled 14 storm drains nearby, helping to promote pollution prevention.

So you are aware, a large portion of the recycling we found was bottles and cans that were taken out of the bushes at the field we were on. It may be worthwhile to consider installing a few recycling bins nearby, if you are able. We also found a few baseballs and softballs that we happily turned over to a coach to re-use”

Carly, and her army of folks did a great job and all of us in Mira Mesa truly appreciate their hard work.

I hope she keeps in mind that we have eleven more parks in Mira Mesa… each one could benefit from their help.


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