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MMHS Theatre’s Musical Disney’s Beauty & The Beast: March 15-23 Sells Out in Advance!


Many Mira Mesans Looking Forward to the Show – 

Live Video Stream to Mira Mesa High School Media Center a Possibility?

By Pam Stevens

Mira Mesa High School’s spring musical, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, directed by MMHS theatre instructor Daniel Kriley, takes the stage March 15 – 23 in the MMHS Theatre with six performances over the next two weekends.

The show features a cast of approximately 60 students, with 50 in the technical crew and 32 in the pit orchestra. Parent volunteers get into the act in a variety of ways, including helping create costumes and sets, and fundraising. It’s a massive – and expensive — undertaking to put on a production of this scope.

“We are especially grateful for the grant from the Mira Mesa High School Foundation,” Daniel Kriley said.
Performance dates and times are: Friday, March 15, 7pm; Saturday, March 16 (Alumni Night), 6pm; Thursday, March 21, 6pm; Friday, March 22, 7pm; and Saturday, March 23, 2pm and 7pm.

The tale begins with a French Prince (Chase Lowary), whose selfishness caused a curse (which can only be broken through true love), turning himself into a Beast and his servants into various enchanted objects. A man named Maurice (Aeriel Suarez) stumbles upon the castle and meets the servants, Lumiere (Nathan Taylor), Cogsworth (Brandon Cunningham), Mrs.Potts (Kyra Kasner), Chip (Brenna Miller), and Babette (Katrina Bautista), but is then imprisoned by the beast for his invasion. In Maurice’s village his daughter, Belle (Abie Songco), resides and is troubled by Gaston’s (John Kwiatkowski) aggressive courting encouraged by his ally, Lefou (Trevin Lebbie). In search for Belle’s father she discovers the castle and sacrifices herself to replace her father as prisoner. With time running out the Beast needs to fall in love, but who would love an ugly beast?

Many Mira Mesans obviously do love the tale. At press time, all six performances of Beauty and the Beasthave completely sold out in advance.

“This is setting all records in ticket sales and being sold out a week before we even open,” Kriley said.

For those who couldn’t get tickets to see the show in the theatre, Kriley said he and video production teacher James Earnest are working to see if they can set up a live stream video of the musical to the Mira Mesa High School media center. At press time, it was not definite that could be done, but Kriley said they are “hopefully” going to have a video stream to the media center which people could watch for a $5 ticket.

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