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The Power of Waking Up Early


Article By: Danny Short

I have been getting a few questions about is it better to train in the morning than evening, so I decided to talk about the benefits of waking up early.

I will go over 5 Major benefits and then of course, I will also go over on how I approach most of my morning.

I still remember when I first started doing this about 7 years ago. I was always stressed out as I cannot find a time to get everything done in 1 day. I just started a business and there’s so much things to do and one thing that changed everything… Is Waking Up Early!


Number 1. Discipline – Waking up in the morning help us become more disciplined. Trying to wake up early is not easy. One of the hardest thing (and I don’t care who you are) to do in the morning is trying not to hit that snooze button. Even though I have been waking up early for the last 7 years of my life, there are still time that I want to hit that snooze button.

This is why waking up in the morning and building that habit can set your whole days rhythm. When you are awake earlier, you will get more things done vs the 90% of the people who are still snoozing.

A thing I do, is keep my alarm clock as far away to me as possible. This way, I have to get up and turn it off.

If you look at the Military, they build this habit early on. Everybody wakes up early and get their exercise.

Number 2: Your Will power is stronger in the morning once you make the habit of waking up early, thus you can do higher activity level or use your brain power to tackle hard work/project (ie. Exercise) or prioritize work that requires a lot of thinking first thing in the morning

Think of your Willpower as a battery. In the morning or after you rested, you are fully charged. When you drain your battery (typically) at the end of the day, we are less likely to do the things that we know needs attention… Like Exercise or any work that will require concentration. Thus people tend to slide in their old habits or procrastinate

Number 3. Less Stress – Think of waking up @ 6:30 am in the morning and you have to go to work at 7 am. Imagine trying to get Breakfast, shower, brushing your teeth, dressing up and driving to work?? I just got stressed there lol

Vs. If you wake up at 5 am – you can get your workout in, meditate/pray, take a few minutes to prioritize your day, and go to work early, meaning without having to beat the traffic 🙂

Number 4: Proactive! There are 2 types of people… Reactive or Proactive. Reactive people are the ones who react to everything around them and will likely lose control of their day. Most of the time they wait for things to happen to them… While Proactive people are the ones who take charge or start something (like a fitness routine, business, extra curricular activity). Of course, being Reactive and Proactive is a choice 

By waking up early, you are building the habit of being proactive. You are making the choice to start your day! Which is a big WIN. By beating your alarm clock, you are taking charge and dictating your day.

Number 5: Better Sleep Quality: We all understand the benefits of getting a good night sleep.

Some of those are it gives your body to heal, lower your heart rate, relaxes your body, help you burn body fat (next topic), keeps you young and refresh.

I guarantee that after you wake up at 4 or 5am in the morning everyday,you will likely fall asleep early!

Those are the 5 Benefits and NOW here are some of my tips on how to approach this

There are 2 ways to approach this,

set a date and start waking up early, or gradually wake up 30 minutes earlier daily and repeat until you hit your 5am or 4am mark.

For example, if you wake up at 7:30 am everyday, you can do 7 am the next day, 6:30 am the next until you hit your desired time. One big thing about this, is try to stay consistent even on the weekends! It is important that this habit becomes solid!

What’s my routine when I wake up early? Although it changes here and there, this is typically what I follow.

Wake up at 4:30 am – Hit The gym, at 5:30am, I will go over my Daily Mantra or look at my Vision at 6am I will check email, phone calls, at 6:30 am review my day and have breakfast.

Some days if I have a Big Project to finish.. If will go to work at 4 am and work on a project for 1-2 hours while my concentration or Willpower is still fully charged 🙂 … Afterwards I will hit the gym.

The reason I workout in the morning is that I can get it out of the way so I can spend my time with my family in the evening.

I Hope this helps..

Dedicated To Your Fitness Success,

Danny short

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