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Bari Vaz Elected Mira Mesa Town Council President for 2020 – 2021 (revised)

MMTCVOY13 - 127

Ted Brengel hands Bari Vaz her award from the MMTC at her Volunteer of the Year Dinner in April 2013. – Photo by: Michael Spencer


By Pam Stevens

At the November 4 meeting of the Mira Mesa Town Council, MMTC members elected Bari Vaz as the new president for 2020 – 2021 of MMTC, Mira Mesa’s volunteer non-profit civic group which is dedicated to making the community a better place to live.  MMTC organizes events such as the Mira Mesa Street Fair and 4th of July Fun Day, as well as holds monthly “town hall” meetings on community issues, where residents and local businesspeople can get information, discuss concerns, and work on problem-solving together with representatives of elected officials.

Bari Vaz previously served on the MMTC Board in 2011 – 2017, as newsletter editor, first vice president-programs, and treasurer. As president she succeeds Ted Brengel, Mira Mesa Town Council president for the past 10 years in a row, 2010 through 2019. Brengel is stepping down as president but not from the Board, since he was elected as MMTC parliamentarian for 2020-2021.

The 2020 Mira Mesa Town Council Board of Directors will take office at the Mira Mesa Town Council meeting on January 6, 2020.  The upcoming December 4, 2019 MMTC meeting is still the responsibility of the 2019 Board. Following a Bylaws update this year, in the future MMTC Board members will serve for staggered 2-year terms, with approximately half the Board (5 or 6) elected each year. At the recent election, all 11 Board members were elected, but those with terms which expire at the end of even-numbered years (marked with an asterisk in the list below) will need to run for re-election, if desired, in November 2020.

The complete 2020 MMTC Board of Directors is:

President:                                                           Bari Vaz

First vice-president (programs):                Pam Stevens*

Second vice-president (membership):    Brandy Ludwick

Secretary:                                                           Jeff Stevens

Newsletter Editor:                                           Lisa Balderston*

Treasurer:                                                           Jonathan Lea*

Parliamentarian:                                               Ted Brengel

Director at Large:                                             Teri Ang

Director at Large:                                             Kaanchan S. Farkiya

Director at Large:                                             Richie Ludwick*

Director at Large:                                             Yvonne Negron*




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