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3Roots Project Approved by City Council

By Jeff Stevens, Chair, Mira Mesa Community Planning Group
September 30, 2020

The 3Roots project is in Carroll Canyon on the east side of Camino Santa Fe extending almost to Camino Ruiz. It includes 1800 housing units, a commercial area and a 23 acre community park. It has been under
review by the Mira Mesa Community Planning Group for several years and was approved unanimously in August 2019. Since then it has been approved unanimously by the City Planning Commission and on September 29 it was approved unanimously by the San Diego City Council.

Carroll Canyon has been used for gravel mining since the 1950’s. As the gravel mining is coming to an end, the area is now being planned for redevelopment. Mining by Hanson Aggregates in the western part of Carroll Canyon stopped in 2016. They had a master plan for redevelopment of the area that was approved in 1994. The first part of the master plan included the  construction of Camino Santa Fe and the Fenton Technology Park on the west side of Camino Santa Fe and was completed in 2005. After mining ended, Hanson sold the remainder of the property to Mesa Canyon Community Partners, a partnership of Shea Homes, Lennar Homes and California West Communities. They revised the master plan to create the 3Roots project.

The developer worked closely with the Mira Mesa Community on this project. The design for the new Community Park was developed together with the Mira Mesa Recreation Advisory Group over several meetings. Additional park space within the project brings the total park acreage to 40 acres. In addition, all of Rattlesnake Canyon is preserved as open space and Carroll Canyon Creek will be restored and preserved as a greenbelt.

Residential development includes both single family attached and detached homes and multi-family apartments. The core area which the developer calls the “Root Collective” is located northeast of the intersection of Carroll Canyon Road and Camino Santa Fe, and contains the highest density apartments, including 180 units reserved for low-income housing, and also contains a commercial area with restaurants and shops.

The project includes a 1.5 acre “Mobility Hub” intended to provide a central area for transportation alternatives including shuttle buses and bicycles. Carroll Canyon Road includes a dedicated lane for a future bus rapid transit (BRT) line. The project also includes one major transportation improvement that will benefit the entire community: Carroll Canyon Road will be completed from I-805 to Camino Ruiz, providing another east-west route parallel to Mira Mesa Blvd and Miramar Road. The section of road from the Fenton Technology Center to Camino Ruiz will be built by the developer. The section west of there that passes through El Camino Memorial Park will be built by the City using fees paid by the developer. The eastern extension of Carroll Canyon Road from Camino Ruiz to I-15 will be completed by Vulcan materials when they build their redevelopment project named Stone Creek a decade from now. For more information about the 3Roots project, see

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