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MMTC Presents “Coexisting with All Wildlife” Feb. 7

By Pam Stevens

The main speaker at the Feb. 7 Mira Mesa Town Council meeting will be Andy Blue, Campus
Director of Project Wildlife Ramona for the San Diego Humane Society, who will discuss
coexisting with all wildlife and particularly coyotes. The meeting will begin at 7pm via Zoom. For
more details and to register to attend, see

Coyotes are a valuable member of our ecosystem, preying on gophers, ground squirrels, rats,
etc., according to Blue.
“By following simple suggestions, we and our pets can coexist with coyotes as well as other
animals we may encounter including raccoons and skunks,” Blue says. Find out more at the
February 7 MMTC meeting.

Andy Blue worked for the San Diego Zoo for over 30 years and was based at the Safari Park. He
has been an animal keeper, animal care manager, and retired an Associate Curator of
Mammals. He was responsible for animal shipments, exhibit design, and animal welfare. His
work took him all over the world including Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, and
South America. He was also a member of the opening team at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in
Florida. He has been with the San Diego Humane Society for three years and is currently the
Campus Director of Project Wildlife Ramona.

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