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San Diego County Supervisors Urged to Allocate Funds to Revive Epicentre Teen Center

By Pam Stevens

Mira Mesans and others concerned about the future of the Epicentre teen center in Mira Mesa emailed and/or spoke by phone at the San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday, February 28, urging the Board of Supervisors to allocate the additional $4.35 million needed to renovate the building during the upcoming FY 2022-23 fiscal year.

Last year the County Board of Supervisors approved funding of $3.65 million to restore the Epicentre, a hub of the community from 1999 to 2016, vacant and in disrepair now for over 6 years. This year it was determined an additional $4.35 million is needed to bring the building up to code and re-open it. Epicentre restoration was on a preliminary list of priority capital projects up for discussion and approval by the Board of Supervisors at the February 28 meeting. The Board of Supervisors unanimously voted in favor of the list of projects, which includes the Epicentre but with funding delayed a year to FY 2023-24. However, final budget decisions are still to be made.

County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer, who has said “a revitalized Epicentre is a critical need for our neighbors,” asked County staff if it would be possible to allocate the funding needed for the Epicentre restoration before the final County budget for the upcoming fiscal year is approved in June. Lawson-Remer said she anticipates the County will be receiving money from a FEMA reimbursement fund, which could be a source for the additional funding needed. County staff replied it would be possible to make an additional allocation via a change letter to the budget documents.

For more information and updates, contact San Diego County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer and/or her Mira Mesa representative, Amanda Berry, at 619-531-5133. Mailing address: S.D. County Administration Center 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 335, San Diego, CA 92101. Email:

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