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MMTC To Focus on Public Safety Issues September 13

By Pam Stevens

The Mira Mesa Town Council, Mira Mesa’s non-profit volunteer civic group, invites everyone interested to attend the Mira Mesa Town Council meeting via Zoom at 7pm Monday, September 13, 2021. (Meeting is a week later than usual due to the Labor Day holiday on the first Monday of the month.) The meeting will focus on public safety issues, according to MMTC president Bari Vaz, who is proposing an expanded and more structured Neighborhood Watch program for Mira Mesa, similar to programs now active in Scripps Ranch and Rancho Bernardo.

Vaz said she and longtime MMTC volunteer Marv Miles recently met to discuss the idea the idea with a group of people who could lend their expertise and/or assistance in implementing such a program: Officer Christina Santos and Officer Julie Dragt from SDPD Northeastern Division, Michaela Valk from Mayor Todd Gloria’s office, Luis Pallera and Sheldon Zemen from Councilmember Chris Cate’;s office, and Nicole Himel, a recent graduate from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs

(Masters in Public Administration). The Scripps Ranch and Rancho Bernardo programs recruit block captains, but also put in place "zone captains" and management teams In addition to Neighborhood Watch recruitment in Mira Mesa, the September 13 MMTC meeting will also include ways the community can do outreach to the homeless individuals, assisting hem in getting off of the streets and into some type of housing.

The meeting will also include reports from MMTC committees and other community groups, as well as elected officials’ representatives, and a time for “open forum” comments about items not on the agenda.

For details about how to attend the meeting, more information about the Mira Mesa Town Council in general, or to become a residential or business member of MMTC and help support programs which make Mira Mesa a better place to live, see Questions? Email MMTC president Bari Vaz, or MMTC vice-president and program chair Pam Stevens, 

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